When is allergy season in south africa

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when is allergy season in south africa

This response results in an inflammatory reaction in the body, most often season the skin, airways, sinuses and gastrointestinal system. The causes of allergies — that is, the substances or allergens that can trigger this type of reaction — are extensive. They when from some types of food for example, eggs, wheat, shellfish, nuts and allergy products to environmental south such as pollen, grains, mould and dust, and even allergies to certain medications, pets, insect stings, cosmetics and metals. Symptoms of allergies can range from simply irritating to a life-threatening reaction called anaphylaxis. Other symptoms of allergies include hives and itching skin, chest tightness and in severe cases, anaphylaxis, signs of which include difficulty breathing, a drop in blood pressure, a rashnausea and vomiting, dizziness, loss of consciousness and even coma. A comprehensive health history is an important first step in diagnosing allergies, so that your doctor can see africa there is any pattern to when your symptoms occur.

This can range from a blocked nose through to sneezing attacks, and can increase your chances of missing work and getting sinusitis and other infections. According to pharmaceutical company Pharmadynamics, allergies cost the South African economy more than Rmillion a year. And allergies themselves are big business, with Pharmadynamics estimating that allergy suffers in total spend more than Rmillion a year on allergy medications.

The most common triggers are aeroallergenswhich you breathe in, and the distribution of these aeroallergens changes across the country. Grass allergies are also often worse in urban areas than rural areas where the grass is allowed to grow long and spreads through its roots.

A seminal paper in published shows where in South Africa you’re most likely to find certain pollens. People with grass allergies should avoid the Highveld “Grass season in the Highveld is 10 months of the year, whereas in the Cape the grass pollen season is restricted to between September and March. The Allergy Society of South Africa. Shop online at thbp.alexeevphoto.ru for allergy medication and vitamins. Alleviate symptoms of allergies and hay fever with our selection of trusted allergy products. Go here to stock up on your vitamins and supplements, such as zinc, . Allergy > Hay fever; Updated Tree and grass pollen season list - South Africa.

If a person is allergic to maize pollen, then the Free State -- often referred to as the Bread Basket of South Africa -- would be a difficult place to live because of its commercial maize plantations.

Coastal areas, like Durban, are more likely to have indoor mould than the aloergy climates of the Highveld, so people with mould allergies are more likely to suffer in these places.

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These include blood tests, which wjen the quantity of the antibodies that cause an allergic reaction in your blood stream. There is no cure for allergies but many allergies can be managed with medicine, which acts on the immune system to reduce its response to the allergen or helps to alleviate the symptoms.

Spring in South Africa

Over-the-counter and prescription medications are available, depending on your needs. Immunotherapy is a type of allergy treatment that desensitises you south the allergen over time, usually by injecting a tiny amount into the body every few months, allergy is most effective for treating hay fever and allergic asthma.

For severe allergies that may result in anaphylaxis, emergency epinephrine adrenaline — a life-saving drug that can improve breathing and reduce symptoms — may be used. Avoiding exposure to known allergens is when best way to prevent a reaction from occurring. This means, for example, making sure that restaurant kitchens are africaa of your allergies when ordering food, or avoiding owning a cat if they ssouth you sneeze. There is no sure way to prevent the development of allergies in the first place though — usually sufferers have a genetic predisposition or are asthmatic, season increases your risk of developing allergies.

Alleviate africa of allergies kn hay fever with our selection of trusted allergy products.

Suffering from allergies? This is where you should not live in South Africa.

Amount of precipitation distributed unevenly across territory of the country. In north-western regions there are about mm 7. Western regions receive mm At December hot tropical summer comes to the Republic of South Africa.

when is allergy season in south africa

The west of the country becomes rainy but showers occur after noon with sunny half of a day before. Main beach life is concentrated on coasts of Indian Ocean in Province of Natal. At this time of year accounts for most of the holidays of the countries of South Africa, including:.

December, 16 — day of reconciliation; December, 25 — Christmas day; December, 26 — day of goodwill.

A seminal paper in published shows where in South Africa you’re most likely to find certain pollens. People with grass allergies should avoid the Highveld “Grass season in the Highveld is 10 months of the year, whereas in the Cape the grass pollen season is restricted to between September and March. South Africa (officially the Republic of South Africa or abbreviated to RSA) has always been one of the most beautiful places on the planet. This is a country where almost no end to the attractions you can see each person, as the variety of landscapes and activities here are limitless. ALLSA is the national Allergy Society of South Africa representing all related allied health professionals. The purpose of ALLSA is to advance the knowledge and practice of allergy and immunology through publications, meetings, and conferences and to foster the education of both students and the public.

March is the last hot month of a year seaxon some threshold of autumn. It is still warm enough for swimming at March. At April water cools down but instead hunting season begins especially on baboons to control population and protect antelopes. Also at April temperature drops by couple of degrees and occasional fogs are occurring.

At May climatic autumn comes to RSA.

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This month bring showers, heavy clouds and yellow on branches of trees. It is time to harvest corn, cotton and sugarcane. Weather is quite unpredictable and strongly depends on location.

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