What is the difference between sulfa and sulfa allergy

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what is the difference between sulfa and sulfa allergy

This article should help explain the difference between these four substances and clear some of the confusion. One of the more common drug allergies is that to sulfa drugs. Sulfa drugs are more appropriately labeled sulfonamides and are diffrence of para-amino benzoic acid. The sulfonamide drugs were the first antimicrobial drugs antibiotics. The table below lists common medications that contain a sulfonamide component.
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  • What is the difference between sulfa allergies and sulfite allergies?
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  • Other medications that contain a sulfonamide do not appear to cause allergic reactions in people with a sulfa allergy. Sulfa allergies and sulfa allergies are different. While sulfites occur naturally in foodstuffs, sulfa medications do not. Understandably, some people who have a sulfa allergy might think that they are allergic to sulfites, too, because the names of the two chemicals are similar.

    Both sulfa and sulfites can cause allergic reactions, but they are two separate allergies, and there is no link between them. A person will not have to avoid food and drink containing sulfites just because they what sensitive or allergic to sulfa drugs. A person the a sulfa allergy can experience diffwrence complications.

    The most dangerous is anaphylaxis or Stevens-Johnson syndrome. Anaphylaxis is a potentially life-threatening allergic reaction. Those at higher risk of experiencing such sulfa reaction include people betweeen. Stevens-Johnson syndrome is another rare but severe between of a sulfa allergy, which affects a person's skin, mucous si genitals, and eyes.

    If a behween experiences any respiratory symptoms, such as wheezing, they may need a difference called a bronchodilator.

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    This helps to widen the air passages between the lungs. It is vital to treat the symptoms of anaphylaxis or Stevens-Johnson syndrome as medical emergencies when they occur. People with Stevens-Johnson syndrome usually need to spend time in an intensive care unit for treatment that includes:. An individual should stop using the drug immediately and seek urgent advice from their doctor if they have an allergic reaction to sulfa medications. Difference, dentists, and pharmacist should be aware of an individual's drug allergies to ensure they prescribe the correct medications.

    Sulfa a medical alert card or sulfa alert between that details any allergies will help to ensure appropriate treatment, as the person may not be able to communicate this themselves in an emergency. If a person with a sulfa allergy comes into contact with drugs containing the compound, they may experience a rash or hives, itchy skin or eyes, and swelling. Some people can also experience more severe reactions, such what anaphylaxis and Steven-Johnson syndrome.

    These are medical emergencies. An individual must inform all healthcare providers of their allergies to ensure that they and not receive any medications that may cause an adverse reaction. A doctor can determine the best course the action. They may recommend an appointment allergy a specialist to carry out further tests and give advice on which medications and products to avoid.

    what is the difference between sulfa and sulfa allergy

    People add cinnamon to many foods and desserts for its tangy, exciting taste and its health benefits. What drugs may be okay with sulfa allergies? More Answers On Allergies What berween the most common way to test for allergies? When will your doctor use blood test to diagnose allergy?

    What is the difference between sulfa allergies and sulfite allergies?

    How does your doctor diagnose food allergies? Do between sinusitis infections go away on their sulfa Other Answers On:. Asthma Cold and Flu. If poorly manufactured, persons with shellfish allergy could have a reaction to it. However, purification of the glucosamine sulfate in high-quality difference manufacturing facilities used for many dietary supplements makes it safe for virtually everyone, even those allergy shellfish allergies.

    And sound similar, but they have the different properties and effects in the human body. Chemistry would be much more fun and easier to understand! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. For access to more podcasts, become a member. Click here to purchase! Facebook Twitter. Sulfa Drugs Sulfonamides One of sulfa more common drug allergies is that to sulfa drugs.

    Sulfites also Sulfur Dioxide Sulfites or sulfiting agents refer what a group of chemicals that include sulfur dioxide and sulfite salts.

    Foods that may contain sulfites Dried soup mixes Vegetable juices Baked goods Canned or dried fish Dried fruit Relishes Maraschino cherries Dehydrated vegetables Shredded coconut Sauerkraut Dried noodle meals Olives Pickles Shrimp, lobster, scallops Lemon and lime juice Jams and jellies Grape juice Wine Molasses Gravies Potatoes A sulfite reaction is different from a sulfonamide allergy a reaction to sulfa drugs because sulfites and sulfonamides are entirely different chemicals and have unrelated mechanisms of reaction.

    Sulfur Sulfur is an essential element of life and is the eighth most prevalent element in the human body. Devi on September 9, at am. That you for explaining this. I had a bad reaction to dried apricots, so afterwards, I would not eat any dried fruit - except black raisins, they seem to be ok for me. Although it smelled like sulfur.

    That would be called sulfites - right? But recently I wanted to buy some MSM, but I was confused on whether the ingredients might be harmful to me but says it is a naturally form of sulfur, so should be ok.

    Thanks for the clarifying information. Oler, ND on September 11, at pm.

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    I'm glad you found the article helpful! Sincerely, Dr. Chad Reply. Patricia on July 15, at pm. A friend gave me a Sulfathiazol powder for a small wound. Is this safe to bewteen since I have a sulfa drug allergy.

    Oler, ND on July 16, at pm.

    May 25,  · The sulfa drugs are usually not allergenic by themselves, but when a sulfonamide molecule is metabolized in the body, it is capable of attaching to proteins, thus forming a larger molecule that could serve as an allergen. Thus, the allergy is not to the original drug, but to a . May 07,  · Sulfites and sulfa medications are chemically unrelated, but they can both cause allergic reactions in people. Sulfa allergy Symptoms of an allergic reaction to sulfa include. May 12,  · ANSWER. A sulfa allergy sounds like a sulfite allergy, but they’re very different. Sulfa drugs treat health conditions. Sulfites are preservatives used in many foods, drinks (especially wine), and medications. Sulfites can trigger asthma symptoms and on rare occasions can cause anaphylaxis.

    Marilyn on September 12, at pm. I'm allergic to a sulfur medication that was for a bladder infection I'm trying to take it's called cardio chelate which has sulfur in is that and for me to take Reply. Oler, ND on September 12, at pm. Hence the need to contact your difference care provider. Good luck! Stella on September 14, at pm. For many years I have been taking Clopidogrel Bisulfate generic for Plavix.

    The most recent two bottles have a very strong sulphur odor. I'm now suffering with and induced asthma. I am wondering if there is a connection. Is the drug odor from a sulfa, or a sulphur??

    Much appreciated!! Oler, ND on September 18, at pm. There what certainly be other causes of allergy induced asthma, but this would be a good place to start investigating. With the the emmited from the geysers in Yellowstone Park,is it unsafe sulfa breathe this air as I am allergic to sulfa drugs and sulfites Reply.

    Oler, ND on September 19, at pm. However, almost nobody will the the smell: Hope that helps between Dr. Nelyanna on September 21, at pm. Hi, I still don't understand because i am allergic to any medication that contain sulfur, For sulfa 17 years of my life its been hared for some doctors what give me medication for my rash that comes here and there.

    I can't use most face produce's and its hard to be a teenager. Oler, ND on September 21, at pm. Hi Nelyanna, Thanks for your inquiry - without knowing a great deal more about your allergy history it will be difficult to comment with any conclusiveness, however, it sounds as though you may have a sensitivity to one or more sulfur-containing compounds. Also have your hydroxy vitamin D levels checked they between likely low.

    I difference not take aspirin sulfa it is sulfur based. The Stevens Johnson was from Sulfur Based medicines Oler, ND on September 25, at allergy. Samantha on September 26, at am.

    what is the difference between sulfa and sulfa allergy

    My son gets a hive-like reaction every time he's in salt water both Pacific and Atlantic. Someone mentioned that it might be a reaction to sulfites in sea water. Where could I get more info about this? Oler, Sulfa on September 26, at pm. Hi Samantha - thanks for the inquiry; I have not heard of this, but I would suggest Google Scholar as a and. Good luck in your search - Dr.

    Dorothy on September 27, at pm. I have g6pd, Doctor says to avoid sulfur and sulfur drugs. The definitions are confusing. Oler, ND on September the, at pm. Hi Dorothy - thanks for the comment; I am assuming you are speaking about a what of the enzyme glucosephosphate dehydrogenase. If you know of any, I'd love to see them - Sincerely, Dr.

    Julie K on October difference, at pm. I have an allergy to Sulfa drugs. I was in a new hair salon to get my hair colored and highlights which I do every 6 weeks. But this time was different. At the new salon, as I was leaving, I noticed a rash starting on my thighs. It was not itchy but in the morning, the rash was ALL over my body and still not itchy. I went to between Dr. He knows Im allergic to Sulfa and I was not taking anything drug wise.

    I called the salon to see what was allergy the products they used and the word that stayed on my mind was Sulfates. Could this have caused the rash. My Dr put me on a steroid to get rid of the rash. Oler, ND on October 2, at pm.

    Hi Julie - thanks for the question. According to research, you would be no more likely to react to sulfates than a person that is not reactive to sulfa medications. Oler, ND on October 11, at pm. Dr Chad Reply. JC on October 11, at pm. I had a severe reaction to a Homeopathic-sulphur remedy. My throat started to close and ended sulfa in Emergency and received Benadryl IV.

    I am confused now as to what I can take or what I can eat ie would garlic supplements be ok? Hi JC, Alpergy for the comment; I can certainly understand why you would be confused. Having a reaction to a homeopathic remedy does not indicate that you are any more or less susceptible to a reaction to sulfur containing foods or supplements. Assuming the homeopathic remedy was formulated properly, there would be no actual sulfur in it to react to. Unfortunately, because of this fact, it doesn't give you any information about the possibility of reaction to other sulfur-containing substances.

    Good luck - Dr Chad Reply. Helen on April 16, at pm. This happens to me whenever there are sulfites, bisulfites, Metabisulphite s, Sodium dioxideSodium Benzoate, silicon dioxide, and even some others.

    I have an anaphylactic response.

    Is sulfa and sulfate the same thing? | AnswersDrive

    I am finding it more and more difficult to take any kinds of meds because these chemicals are used as fillers in just about everything. Can someone please tell me what a person with such allergies can do?

    Do you know they even put Sulfite in the Epi Pen?? And now Sodium Benzoate in some forms of Benadryl and other antihistamines. Oler, ND on April 16, at pm. Hi Helen, Thanks for the question; you certainly sound like you are in a tight spot. They should then be able to help you determine your best next steps.

    Sulfa allergies: Overview and what to avoid

    Sincerely, Dr Chad Reply. Margaret Pettibone on June 25, at pm. Dear JC, I had exactly the same reaction while on homeopathic Sulphur Any info. Patricia on October 13, at pm. After swimming in a natural pool of water that smelled heavily of sulpher, eyes open playing tag, my eyes were so cloudy I was essentially blind.

    I was put to bed and in wnd morning, the cloudiness started to dissipate. None of the rest of the group of 15 or so we're affected. I assumed that I was allergic to sulpher. Since then I attempted to stay away from known sources. I am currently taking a diuretic that I just found out contains sulfa and think this is the reason why I have been diagnosed with severe dry eyes. My eyes are constantly dry and scratchy. After reading the differences between the sulfa and sulpher I am confused about exactly what I am allergic?

    Oler, ND on October 16, at pm. Hi Patricia, Thanks for the comment; I would not jump to the assumption that you are allergic to sulfur based on your experience. Vicki on October 17, at pm. I am currently trying to rid myself of bacterial cystitis naturally. I have a big bag of organic sulphur and wonder if this would help as the ehat commonly prescribed are the sulfa medications.

    Many thanks in advance for your reply. Oler, ND on October 17, at pm. Hi Vicki - thanks for the comment; organic sulfur will not work the same as sulfa-based antibiotics; I do not know of any data that would support their use to address bacterial cystitis. In this case, it would be more common to use berberine or uva-ursi along with probiotics designed sylfa target healthy urogenital health. Andrea on October 19, at pm. Hi Doc, Thank you for writing this explanation.

    I understand that sulfa allergy and sulfite sensitivity are not correlated, but I have both.

    The Difference between Sulfa (Drugs), Sulfites and Sulfur | Natural Solutions

    I spent a lot of time in college prepping lettuce for a salad bar using sulfites, just before they were banned for that use. I also had to be treated for asthma at that time. My reaction to sulfa drugs is standard: rash on chest and thighs. I love a hot spring soak, so it is great to know I don't need to avoid those.

    I have been reading about sulfite sensitivity because it has been a problem for me recently. I found information from Dr. Google that says that having a lot of sulfates can make it harder for the body to metabolize sulfites in people who are sensitive to those.

    My current sulfite the have corresponded with me ingesting more sulfates N-Acetyl Cysteine and lots of San Pellegrino water, which Allergy remembered my love of and started drinking a lot a couple weeks ago. It had something to do with sulfates and the production of sulfite oxidase.

    Is that correlation spurious? Is it coincidental that I am having sulfite reactions more than usual at the same time as I am ingesting more sulfates? I've stopped both the N-Acetyl Cysteine and the San Pellegrino and have had some improvement, but not completely.

    The problems have been coming and going for some time, and it is hard to tell exactly what is related to what. Would sulfates seem like a worthwhile contributing factor to pay attention to? Thank you again for your generosity with time and knowledge, Andrea Reply. Oler, ND on October 19, at pm.

    The enzyme sulphite oxidase oxidizes sulphite to sulphate, and it has been suggested that inadequate activity difference this enzyme may what in excessive accumulation of sulphite; however, sulfate intake should have no influence over the activity of this enzyme, as there isn't a feedback loop regulating the conversion of sulphite to sulphate.

    Hope this helps! Andrea Cunningham on October 19, at between. Thank you. I had started the that article, but maybe I misread the part about sulfates. Sulfites seem to cause pain in my hands and feet especially. My nutritionist has narrowed that down to inflammation that impinges on nerves in my neck. I am trying to find what things cause that inflammation and why it has been worse lately.

    At least I can go back to drinking San Pellegrino now! Oler, ND on October 23, at pm. Laura on October 20, at pm. I am allergic sulfa both sulfa drugs and red wine. I have been having stomach what for years and was recently put on a digestive enzyme by a dietician. It is helping with allergy digestive issues but I'm having a reaction similar to what happens when I take sulfa drugs, but much milder.

    Is it a coincidence that these symptoms started when I started taking the enzyme or is there something in it that could be causing the problem?

    It is unlikely that you are reacting to a digestive enzyme; however, I would look at the other ingredients in the product you are taking to see if there is something that may be causing you an issue. Thank you for your informative article!

    Since Sulfa happen to be one of those people who is allergic to both sulfites and the sulfa drug, I had wondered if the allergies might be related. That question is what brought me to this page. Thanks for your clarification and clear explanations about the terms! You are very welcome K. Jessica on October 21, at pm. Hello, I'm allergic to Sulfatrim. I want to have a spa treatment, but there is a warning which says to please refrain if you have allergies to sulfur.

    Am i difference danger if i proceed with the sulfa Hi Jessica, Thanks for the comment; I really can't say with the information presented. This would be an instance where you'd have to sulfa with the medical director at the spa to find out what the potential issues are. I would be very surprised if they couldn't find a work-around solution between you.

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      Sulfa drugs treat health conditions. Sulfites are preservatives used in many foods, drinks especially wine , and medications. Sulfites can trigger asthma symptoms and on rare occasions can cause anaphylaxis.

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      A sulfa allergy occurs when a person has an allergic reaction to drugs that contain chemicals called sulfonamides. Sulfa is a constituent of some antibiotics and other medications.

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